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Description: ScientiFig is a free tool to help you create, format or reformat scientific figures
© 2012-2015 Benoit Aigouy
Citations: If you use/like the tool please cite:
ScientiFig: a tool to build publication-ready scientific figures.
Aigouy B, Mirouse V.
Nat Methods.
2013 Oct 30;10(11):1048.
doi: 10.1038/nmeth.2692.
Author: Benoit Aigouy (
Installation as a stand-alone: Unzip the file and double click on "launcher.jar"
To run ScientiFig directly from the command line type:
java -Xmx1024m -jar /path/to/ScientiFig_.jar
Installation as an ImageJ plugin: Extract the content of the ScientiFig Zip file to a single directory then copy this folder to the ImageJ "plugins" directory.
Installation as a Fiji plugin:
(FIJI update site parameters)
Please have a look here
Name: ScientiFig
Requirements: ScientiFig works under Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. It requires java 1.6 or > to be installed on your system.
Downloads: ScientiFig (Standalone version around 6 Mb)
ScientiFig (ImageJ version around 4 Mb)
ScientiFig (FIJI version around 1.5 Mb)
please make sure that you agree with the licenses before downloading the file
Deprecated Downloads: ScientiFig new interface without quality control
ScientiFig old interface
Licenses: License ScientiFig

NB: the video above is a YouTube playlist it contains several demos!
Click on playlist to select the video you want to see.

The video above shows how you can create a figure with ScientiFig


10/11/2014 (ScientiFig v2.99 / FiguR v1.2 beta)
-Improved handling of excel files with n.a. values in FiguR
-Theme can now be applied directly within figure (not only in SF)
-Fixed freezing bug while applying checks
-Fixed a bug that was removing the scalebar when an image was selected
-Many thanks to SF users for reporting those bugs and providing me with test samples

14/10/2014 (ScientiFig v2.97 / FiguR v1.1 beta)
-Improved FiguR

01/10/2014 (ScientiFig v2.97 / FiguR v1.0 beta)
-Improved handling of images having different heights or width in panels that consist only of one row or column)

01/09/2014 (ScientiFig v2.96 / FiguR v1.0 beta)
-added an ROI/annotation browser
-fixed send to back or bring to front (the commands were working but the screen wasn't refreshing)

28/08/2014 (ScientiFig v2.95 / FiguR v1.0 beta)
-added support for filled and transparent shapes (major change but should remain transparent to the user)

22/08/2014 (ScientiFig v2.94 / FiguR v1.0 beta)
-ROIs (image annotations) can now be copy pasted
-fixed display error for left/right text bars containing line breaks

06/08/2014 (ScientiFig v2.92 / FiguR v1.0 beta)
-new launcher (java memory settings can be set manually)
-minor fixes (additional checks before pressing the New button)

11/07/2014 (ScientiFig v2.91 / FiguR v1.0 beta)
-fixed several minor errors, memory leaks and added several new functionalities
-most importantly, the Youtubes videos/demos are finally back (sorry for being so long to get them back but I had to recreate all of them, which took some time)

20/03/2014 (ScientiFig v2.7 / FiguR v1.0 beta)
-fixed errors preventing the loading of 8 bits images
-fixed errors preventing images from being deleted from panels

02/10/2013 (ScientiFig v2.6b / FiguR v1.0 beta)
-you can now directly create an inset from a rectangular ROI

08/07/2013 (ScientiFig v2.6b / FiguR v1.0 beta)
-it is now possible to select images in a row using only the mouse
-added new shortcuts. Click on Help/Licenses/Citations>shortcuts for a complete list of shortcuts.

28/06/2013 (ScientiFig v2.5 beta / FiguR v1.0 beta)
-fixed minor bugs, see 'changes.txt' for details
-the beta version seems to be stable enough to become the default version

23/05/2013 (ScientiFig v2.5 beta / FiguR v1.0 beta)
-fixed several minor bugs in the freshly added 'quality control' functionalities, see 'changes.txt' for details

10/05/2013 (ScientiFig v2.5 beta / FiguR v0.9 beta)
-I have added suport for italics, bold, maths (formulas), subscript, superscript, greek in FiguR (you just type your text in a text area and I translate it to R code for you)
-I have added checks in SF (you can check that the size of your figure corresponds to the journal guideline, that the text is formatted as described in the guideline, that the fonts are ok, that the graphs are ok, ...)

09/04/2013 (ScientiFig v2.3 MT / FiguR v0.7)
-I have finally set up a fully functional 'FIJI update site'
-I have recoded arrow ROIs. Arrowhead width and height can be changed. Arrows also support several styles (plain, outline, fancy), half head arrows are also possible now, ... (new arrows should be fully retrocompatible)

04/04/2013 (ScientiFig v2.3 MT / FiguR v0.7)
-you can now easliy remove all annotations from your images

28/03/2013 (ScientiFig v2.3 MT / FiguR v0.7)
-added support for multithreading for various taks
-added the possibility to rotate most ROIs (rectangles, ellipses, polygons, ...)(click on the annotate button)

24/03/2013 (ScientiFig v2.2 / FiguR v0.7)
-seriously cleaned and annotated the code
-fixed a bug that prevented journal style selection and column size to be changed

12/03/2013 (ScientiFig v2.1 / FiguR v0.7)
-I have completely rebuild the interface (the new interface might be more intuitive and is definitely better looking)
-added the possibility to add empty images that can later on be replaced by real images
-added the possibility to replace images by others

05/03/2013 (ScientiFig v2.0 / FiguR v0.7)
-added the possibility to move or delete columns from a row
-added the possibility to edit crop and rotate images embedded in a figure (not only in a block)
-added a new help tool (question mark ? button) that launches a youtube video showing a demo of each button, spinner and combo you click on
-fixed minor bugs (see changes.txt for details)

22-28/02/2013 (ScientiFig v1.9 / FiguR v0.7)
-added support for changing line stroke (for embedded svg files, R graphs and ROIs/arrows, ...), stroke is also a journal style parameter now
-fixed several severe bugs (see changes.txt for details)
-fixed a huge memory leak when ScientiFig was used as a FIJI/ImageJ plugin (memory was never freed)

19/02/2013 (ScientiFig v1.85 / FiguR v0.7)
-you can now add insets to images (insets can also have their own scale bar)

18/02/2013 (ScientiFig v1.85 / FiguR v0.7)
-added many new functionalities and fixed many bugs (see changes.txt for details) (Many thanks to beta tester(s) for reporting bugs and making suggestions to improve the software)

15/02/2013 (ScientiFig v1.8 / FiguR v0.7)
-added the possibility to rotate images within ScientiFig
-added the possibility to add floating text wherever on your images (text can be edited anytime)
-added new plots for FiguR
-fixed a huge bug in SF generated SVG files that prevented them from being reopened by ScientiFig (see changes.txt for details)

06/12/2012 (ScientiFig v1.5 / FiguR v0.5):
-added a tool to create R graphs (FiguR) and dynamically redraw them in ScientiFig (the graphs will be redrawn at the right size, with the right font settings automatically)
-you can now add arrows, ROIs, ... to your montages (new button is called "Extras")

18/10/2012 (ScientiFig v1.0):
-first Final version
-please report bugs to Please only report bugs if you have consulted the FAQ and watched the tutorials and couldn’t find an answer there.