Description: ScientiFig is a free tool to help you create, format or reformat scientific figures
© 2012-2017 Benoit Aigouy
Citations: If you use/like the tool please cite:
ScientiFig: a tool to build publication-ready scientific figures.
Aigouy B, Mirouse V.
Nat Methods.
2013 Oct 30;10(11):1048.
doi: 10.1038/nmeth.2692.
Author: Benoit Aigouy (
Installation as a Fiji plugin:
  1. Download and install the latest FIJI (here)
  2. Launch FIJI
  3. Open the "help" menu
  4. Click on "Update..."
  5. Press "Manage update sites"
  6. Scroll down and tick "Scientifig"
  7. Press "Close"
  8. Press "Apply changes"
  9. Close FIJI
  10. Restart FIJI
  11. Open the "Plugins" menu and select "Scientifig"
Installation as a stand-alone: Unzip the Scientifig standalone file and double click on "launcher.jar"
Installation as an ImageJ plugin: Extract the content of the ScientiFig Zip file to a single directory then copy this folder to the ImageJ "plugins" directory.
Requirements: ScientiFig works under Linux, Windows and Mac OS. It requires java 1.6 or > or FIJI to be installed on your system.
Downloads: ScientiFig (Standalone version around 6 Mb)
ScientiFig (ImageJ version around 4 Mb)
ScientiFig (FIJI version around 1.5 Mb)
Licenses: License ScientiFig

NB: the video above is a YouTube playlist it contains several demos!
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The video above shows how you can create a figure with ScientiFig